2005 Rally the Void
Craig and Bobs Wild Ride

In case you haven't heard, Neither Craig nor I rode in the rally. Craig had a very good excuse, Matt (his son) and his wife were expecting. She went into labor so he continued on to PA to do the grandpop thing!
I, on the other hand, did not have a good excuse. I did not have the proper insurance coverage and was not willing to make others (my wife and insurance man) do backflips to try to fix my screw-up on short notice. I did end up having a great ride on Saturday instead of riding the rally (write-up to follow, sometime) and nice ride home on Sunday, both in very nice weather I might add!

My planned route down.

Our planned rally route (Obviously this did not happen!).

Our actual route (Nothing here, move on!).

My planned route home. I followed it pretty closely, although I did skip Seneca Rocks.

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